As the beautiful season comes around, there is great excitement in the world of color. In fact, there is a richly colored palette waiting for us, which satisfies both the tastes of the most “quick-to-change-color” and those who are “most faithful” to their color.

For those of you who love to change, just take your pick among the infinite shades of traditional colors or the boldest colors. In fact, people like dyeing their hair more and more with “vibrant” shades, especially to liven up short cuts. But for those who want to renew their hair just enough to feel different without radically altering their look, those effects that lighten where needed come in support, or intensify one’s base color.

The only sure thing is that color must be multi-tone, so that your hair will be rich with light reflections that in some cases accentuate your natural hair color shade.

Therefore, the need for a properly applied color is a priority, and Inco Cosmetici’s Feel Easy line is the perfect solution.

Feel Easy is a permanent cream hair color. It responds simply and effectively to the modern needs of hair coloring and, thanks to its very pleasant strawberry scent and the low content of controlled ammonia, it respects the hair’s structure and maintains its natural softness unchanged.

With its 41 nuances that can be mixed together with total compatibility, infinite possibilities of expression can be achieved.

Since professional coloring is not a medium-value service but rather a modern and revolutionary notion of interpreting beauty, the actor of this new way of thinking can only be the hairdresser who is fully aware that beauty cannot exist without health and, therefore, there cannot be hair coloring without giving priority attention to the product formula and the feeling with the customer.