Once “spotted” your eyes automatically return to them all the time. We’re talking about skin spots.

Spots on the face are one of the main signs of an ageing skin but it cannot always be put down to the passing of time. In fact other etiological factors can lead to their formation which could be hormonal, genetic and hereditary factors, the use of medicines, contact with irritating substances, infectious diseases or otherwise.

Whatever the cause, facial spots are the result of alterations in the functioning of the melanocytes which produce abnormal quantities of melanin (either too much or too little). This means that distribution is uneven leaving the face blotchy which is quite unsightly.

Depigmentation and lightening products have an all important role in dealing with spots:  this category of cosmetics has a decisive action, stimulating renewal of the differently coloured skin cells. In that area in fact, the skin appears smoother and more consistent and the melanocytes will no longer be able to extend the melanin pigment to neighbouring cells.

The exfoliating gel Expholia 50 Gel, a professional product with a high concentration of mandelic acid, carries out an accurate exfoliating action working on the 5 layers of the epidermis thus promoting a completely safe cell turn over with no irritation, stinging or burning sensations.  One other essential factor is that it can be used in any season since it is not photosensitive.

Renaissance Cream completes the treatment: a smooth textured cream that restores ideal skin eudermia conditions and continues renewing the skin delicately. In fact it is made with the exfoliating agents of Expholia 50 Gel combined with sweet almond oil, rice oil and Karite butter.

Used in the morning and evening at home means you can continue – and therefore improve – the lightening, soothing, anti oxidising and moisturising action started in the salon.