Hair is part and parcel of our skin and together they suffer when subject to stressing conditions due to air pollution. It is hair that attracts smog and ultimately absorbed by the skin, consequently allowing the polluting micro particles to effortlessly attack and harm them.

 The hair shaft acts as a sponge absorbing everything from the atmosphere through the external cuticle, i.e. odours, cigarette smoke, particulate matter, heavy metals and exhaust gas.

The most obvious consequence is dull and weakened hair but pollution can even lead to hair loss: in fact, smog causes an increase in free radicals – molecules that damage the follicle thus facilitating hair loss.

Those who suffer most from pollution are people with pre-existing conditions such as seborrhoeic dermatitis  or psoriasis because in those cases there is an alteration of the cutaneous  barrier making it easier for dangerous substances (such as heavy metals) to penetrate. But they’re not the only ones; even people with skin types I and II are more sensitive than others to pollutants.

For this reason it is advisable to eliminate the residues of air pollution from our head using the Osmoluv Antistress Line that tones and sanitises the scalp.

Equilibra Antistress Shampoo of the Osmoluv line for daily cleansing helps restore moisturisation, elasticity and shine. SLES free, low foam and extremely delicate thanks to the distilled waters of Camomile and Hamamelidis, this shampoo avoids dermatitis and irritation while at the same time imparting a pleasant fresh and light feeling.

After the shampoo apply the Equilibra Antistress solution directly on the scalp, massaging lightly, for hair that is increasingly more moisturised and lustrous.  Specific for sensitive skins, it relaxes surface tensions thanks to the presence of Boswellia Serrata, while Menthyl lactate gives a pleasant sensation of natural freshness.

To complete the beauty routine, finish treatment with Elisir Mitico that strengthens, untangles and protects from the heat of hairdryers and flat irons; it contains sun filters and boasts an effective anti-frizz effect.

Complete protection for a healthy and shiny head of hair.