When summer arrives we uncover our bodies in a strict sense, and our skin prepares for the season during which we enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

But before this happens, it is worthwhile to “undress” our skin that had to face the winter cold, and treat it before exposing it.

In fact, since our skin is thickened and dry when spring arrives, this is why it is very important to exfoliate it a few weeks before exposing it to sunlight.

This is the time to renew our cells, reactivate our microcirculation, especially that of the face, which every day is exposed to the ravages of time more than any other part of our body. In doing so we eliminate our skin’s outermost layers, leaving it soft and smooth and ready to get a tan and go to the seaside.

Inco’s Expholia line loves the sun, is skin-friendly and suitable for every season. Mandelic acid peeling: a guarantee of effectiveness and safety, with no risk of erythema, burning or irritation. This line includes a treatment program at the beauty salon, recommended even once a week for anti-age prevention, skin compacting, treating some imperfections (skin discolorations, acne, facial rosacea), and home maintenance.

The cosmetic peeling that gives your face the freshness, tone and light that everyone dreams of today has come true!