A new year, a new life: you must do something now to tackle those extra holiday kilos!

A new year, a new life: you must do something now to tackle those extra holiday kilos!

What with evening meals with the family, lunch with friends, long hours spent around the table eating and chatting – after the Christmas holidays our figure could be quite heavily effected!

If you’ve decided to get rid of those extra kilos without waiting too long and, as a result, not risk the fat depositing in the tissues and being so much harder to get rid of, you’ve made the right choice!

The most effective approach to the “mission remise en forme” is undoubtedly “in & out”. What does this mean? Simply that to get your body back into shape you need an integrated “in & out” strategy.

So besides keeping a check on your diet, choosing low fat foods and reducing the quantities so you’re taking in fewer calories, it’s important to act directly and with determination on your body.

Together with a healthy and regular physical programme, it’s also very useful to put yourself in the capable hands of professionals and innovative and effective products such as the Linea Vitesse Corpo by Inco Cosmetici. Top quality products made with natural ingredients, easy to use at the Salon and at home.

A Detox treatment with the Vitesse line is fundamental for reactivating circulation, eliminating excess liquids, breaking down the lipid layer and to get back into shape with not so many sacrifices. Ask your beauty salon for information about Cell renewal, Limodren, Modelling Balm, Active draining agent.

But please pay attention: if you want a great result that lasts over time, constancy is important, so do not stop after the first treatment cycle but integrate it with a correct home therapy using the products for home use, those most suited to the various needs, such as the indispensable night Peeling or the specific Vitesse Rassocrema, Snellicrema or Cellucrema treatments.

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