CODICE, from washing to finishing!


A line that accompanies you from washing to finishing!

This is the first news of 2020, which could not but bring a novelty with it.

At the beginning of January, the CODICE line you well know for its styling and finishing salon products, was boosted by a new START segment which enriches the range of colors of the entire line with shades of green. START will now identify the washing and preparation area.

The two novelties concern the 1-liter shampoo bottles which are the essential daily tool for a hairdressing salon. As is customary for Inco, we looked back to observe a historical brand like Cuty Cri and, drawing on the experience of a product so loved in the sector and thanks to the knowledge of our research & development department, today we offer:

  • Codice Shampoo with lichen extract: suitable for all hair types, this shampoo features a skin-purifying action. As it cleanses and sanitizes at the same time, it purifies the skin while making your hair soft and shiny.
  • Codice Shampoo with mint extract: suitable for all hair types, especially after a color treatment or a permanent. This shampoo purifies and refreshes both skin and hair, soothes scalp irritations and itching and helps regulate sebum production. Soothing and calming, it gives you a pleasantly fresh feeling.

Both come in liter bottles equipped with a practical dispenser and are also supplied in a 5-liter can.
Make the washing area of your Salon lively and request information on our current interesting promotions.