CODICE Play – Hair Styling Wax

A classical hairstyle that is once again under the spotlight.

Hair styling wax

The trend is very clear: hair styling wax has been rediscovered and, thanks to it multiple qualities, has come back into fashion with a bang!

Conceived to create any hair style and keep it in place longer that’s fine! But that’s not all it’s for!

Hair styling wax in all its various declinations is in fact ideal for:

  • taming the wildest hair
  • giving a perfect style to short cut hair
  • holding the shape of medium cut hair
  • sculpting long hair
  • eliminating static from thin hair

In order to better meet the demands of customers, the Inco laboratories have conceived the Final series of waxes, three versions with which to indulge your creativity:

FINAL TOUCH creamy, mouldable – adapting to all hair types. Dulls hair to just the right degree for a sand-like effect on dishevelled styles. It provides support and thickness to thin hair using only a small amount.
FINAL FIX for a much firmer hold. It turns your ideas into perfectly defined creative shapes with a final “shiny” effect. It does not weigh hair down even if used on dry hair.
FINAL WAX the classic par excellence. Its micro-emulsion compound keeps all hair styles in check, giving hair body for a shiny effect. Keep it looking good during the day by simply running damp hands through your hair.

Thanks to Final waxes your hair style looks 100% natural giving it just the look you want.