Enviable tan and healthy skin

SPF 50 Pro Sun Protection Cream for Sensitive Skin

Enviable tan and healthy skin.

In the 80s a tan had to be intense, wild and even better if it lasted the year round but things have changed over the years. That doesn’t mean a sun kissed skin has lost its charm it’s just how you get your tan that has changed.

Today we are so much more aware of the risks of prolonged exposure to the sun if we don’t take adequate protection and soaking up the sun when it’s at its highest during the day is not hazardous just for children and the elderly but for everyone.  Maybe not everyone knows that using a sun screen with a high/very high protection factor does not mean you tan less: it only means you tan gradually and your skin doesn’t suffer. It is really important to ensure the sun doesn’t harm your skin, no matter how old or young you are, and whenever you do decide to sun bathe use suitable sun protection.

Besides ensuring a perfect tan and avoiding sun burn, the Hyaluronic Acid and Q-10 coenzyme contained in SPF 50 Pro Sun Protection Cream for Sensitive Skin (Pro Sun Crema Protettiva Pelli Sensibili 50 SPF) with intensive UVA –UVB protection, prevent oxidative damage and photoaging. To use also during those times when your skin tends to mark, as in pregnancy, during menopause or if you are taking medicines such as oral contraceptives or others for acne.

Make Pro Sun Protection Cream for Sensitive Skin the most important cosmetic of your summer for a controlled and intelligent exposure to the sun.