Here you will find the answers and curiosities to the most frequent questions in the field of cosmetics.

How to protect the hair color from the sun's rays.

One of the main causes of hair loss is the damage caused by environmental stress. The sun’s rays act on the color, both natural and artificial, going to alter the pigmentation. The COLOR PROTECTION SHAMPOO of the Pro Sun Line with Plant Antioxidant Complex and Vitamin A, protects and prevents color loss, both on natural and dyed hair, ensuring an effective anti-fading action, plus a volume effect. For perfect hair even on the beach!

More volume for thin hair

The diameter of the hair depends primarily on genetic factors, in addition to these there are other causes that can significantly affect their thickness and in particular: stress, some drugs, chemical and mechanical treatments that are aggressive and / or too frequent, agents atmospheric and pollutants that damage the hydro-lipid balance of the skin and ruin the cuticle, making the hair fine and dry. It therefore becomes essential for a perfect styling to use a volumizing product. In order to best meet this need, the Inco Team has created DREAM VOLUME by CODICE, an echo-foam like a soft snow, which creates support to the roots and thickening on the lengths to give volume even to the cut fresher and fashionable. Does not weigh down, leaves no residue, ideal even for short hair.

How to prevent hair loss

The hair loss, up to a hundred a day for the thicker hair, is considered a normal physiological process of hair replacement. If the relationship between growing hair and hair in the process of involution, or close to fall, is unbalanced in favor of the latter means that we are in the presence of an atypical hair loss. In order to better combat this anomaly Inco within the Osmoluv treating line has created a unisex anti-fall treatment: REGENERA – HAIR LOSS PREVENTION activating the capillary density. Anti free radicals for hair and scalp technology. An Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid complex and Vitamins to ensure the health of the follicle and reduce the aging and fragility of the hair.

Each hedgehog is a whim

Curly hair is undoubtedly beautiful, but certainly not the easiest to tame! Those who have them by nature know well what it means to fight with curls without form, with a pressing frizz and a humidity that does not give respite. Inco has created for you FlexiCurls – defined curls, a cream-gel buffer amp to naturally “curve”. A styling that gives an elastic and defined final effect. Capigliature of sure appeal, voluminous but not cumbersome, uncombed but not disordered, an invisible hydro-lipid film that protects from external aggressions and humidity. For curly and frizzy hair, in order to maintain the right degree of hydration of the hair, we also recommend OsmoluvAntiage Shampoo based on Hyaluronic Acid and Osmoluv Sostanzia Mask based on Argan Oil.


First signs of age on face-neck-décolleté, how to mitigate them.

With the passage of time, the skin is subjected to a natural process of dehydration that starts from the age of 25 with the formation of the first expression lines. What can be done to contain this phenomenon? Certainly reduce external factors that promote skin aging such as: smoking, alcohol, stress, drug therapies, insufficient rest and wrong nutrition. In addition, we can nourish it with specific active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, which by retaining the water molecules has a firming / moisturizing action, and the Silk Proteins, in the forefront in the prevention of skin aging. For the needs of mature women INCO proposes the ProAge Line, rich in active ingredients for the renewal of skin tissues.

Peeling in summer? It's possible.

Peeling is an aesthetic treatment that stimulates the exfoliation of the skin through the application on the face and neckline of some specific substances. The dull and deteriorated leather will be removed and replaced by new and bright skin, regenerated thanks to the treatment. By removing the dead cells, in fact, the natural dermal turnover is accelerated. Inco laboratories have created the Expholia Line a “Soft peeling” suitable for all seasons, based on Mandelic Acid, a light-medium power acid that allows to obtain excellent results with the lowest possible risk of undesirable effects such as erythema, burns irritations.

Which cosmetic should be used after exposure to UV rays?

Sun exposure, even with adequate protection, determines a natural loss of hydration and essential nutrients for the skin. Use Pro Sun CREAM DOPOSOLE, fluid emulsion enriched with Natural Oils (Almond Oil, Rice, Jojoba, Argan), Shea Butter for deep emollient action, Boswellia extract tightened to soothe irritations, Allantoin to promote a re-epithelizing effect, It is a gesture of care towards one’s own skin, to keep it light and to bring thanks to Vitamin E that nourishment that helps to counter the Free Radicals. For a soothing effect “Ice” FLUIGEL VELUTANTE DOPOSOLE – FOR A FRESH WELL-BEING BODY AND HAIR! Fresh emulsion in gel that moisturizes, soothes irritation of the skin and brings body to the hair. Based on Allantoin for a re-epithelializing effect, Boswellia serrata extract to soothe irritations and Mint Extract for an immediate sensation of freshness.

Stretch marks, the enemies of women

Stretch marks are an imperfection that mainly affects women. The causes of their appearance are not well known or better are known a set of triggering factors such as hormonal and metabolic imbalances, incorrect diet, poor physical activity, sudden changes in weight and water retention. To help prevent stretch marks, get an elastic and toned skin and for an anti-aging effect, our Vitesse Body Line features RASSOCREMA, a cream with a rich and energizing texture formulated with Siberian Ginseng and natural oils including the precious Baobab Oil. The elasticizing, antioxidant and smoothing action allows to obtain toned and compact skin. Free of silicones, petrolatum and parabens.


No more heavy legs

We walk, run, jump: our legs hold the weight of a body in motion every day and that’s why often at the end of the day they are heavy as boulders! Inco takes care of it with Linea Prokura, a healthy ritual for the wellbeing of legs and feet, and specifically with the Heavy Legs Gel; a refreshing and rapidly absorbing gel that improves microcirculation and relieves the feeling of tiredness / heaviness thanks to the mix of active ingredients including Centella Asiatica, Escina and Mirtillo.

A specific product for the male eye contour

Even in humans the epidermis of the eye contour is very delicate and with the passing of the years tends to thin and lose elasticity. From the new anti-aging research of the Inco laboratories comes No StessEye (Top7 for men line), eye contour lifting cream containing Hexapeptide-48, able to act to keep the “beauty receptors” active and to allow a reduction of expression wrinkles. The constant and prolonged use allows mature skin to recover a tonic and uniform appearance of the eye area. Lifting formula, anti dark circles, revitalizing, strengthens the skin barrier to counteract external aggressions.

Beauty becomes Bio

More and more people embrace the Bio philosophy, a new vision of purity that involves men and women aware of the need to get in balance with nature and express it in their lifestyle. Inco supports this philosophy with the BIOE ‘line, ICEA certified body and face care products (organic certification body). Organic Avocado, Olive, Argan and Sunflower oil nourish and regenerate the skin. The essence of Vanilla combined with the aromas of the oils recalls a sensation of extraordinary naturalness. An ethical line also in the pack thanks to recyclable containers and ecological cartons. For organic cosmetics from the professional world to guarantee a true and safe result!

Shaggy and dry beard causes and remedies.

Poor hydration, knots and split ends are the causes of a dry, shaggy beard. To avoid these problems and to show off a full, soft, hydrated, luminous and disciplined beard, the Top7 for men line entirely dedicated to the male universe presents BALSAMO BARBA & BAFFI based on: Shea Butter with strong moisturizing and protective properties external agents, Tea Treeoil (the essential oil of Melaleuca), with known sanitizing and purifying properties and Linseed Oil rich in Vitamin E antioxidant par excellence.