For glowing skin, just one solution… Self-care

Taking care of yourself, starting from your skin.

For glowing skin, just one solution... Self-care

Self-care means taking care of yourself, starting from your skin.

It’s not always easy to have a glowing skin, especially during winter-time which is inevitably drawing nearer: temperatures go down quite a lot and we see our skin looking dull, chapped and suffering from the weather conditions. Apart from the temperature, if you then add on a good dose of pollution and smog, having a radiant skin can seem like a far-off, unattainable mirage. However, by following a few pieces of advice, the situation can be greatly improved even if it does not completely solve the problem of tired skin and greyish complexion.

1. Peeling with Expholia Gel Esfoliante. This is a very important step because by eliminating the surface layer of dead cells, the more radiant layer below can emerge. Your skin will immediately appear brighter, smoother to the touch and glowing.

2. Inner cleansing. How? By drinking a lot of water, practicing sport and getting rid of excess body toxins which are also directly responsible for tired-looking skin. Cut down on sugar and drinking alcohol and also salty snacks that cause fluid retention and bloating. Increase, instead, your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to guarantee the nutrition your skin needs. Our “inside condition” will then be directly visible on our skin and this helps us to understand how important it is to take care of our bodies, not just from an aesthetic point of view.

3. Apply Expholia Crema Renaissance every day. Rich in vitamin A which converted into retinoic acid speeds up cell change, this is ideal for creating glowing skin, not only because it helps to bring younger cells to the surface, but also because it sends signals at a cellular level which stimulates the production of collagen, improving the skin texture and reducing pores and wrinkles. The use of mandelic acid with gluconolactone make this cream an ideal treatment for improving both young skin and skin damaged by photoaging.

4. Lastly some 100% natural advice. To have a glowing skin, you need to sleep correctly. Sleeping for at least 7 hours lets your skin regenerate itself and the lines on your face smooth themselves out.

Because self-care is the secret for being radiant.

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