Hairtrend approved by INCO!

Pompadour fade for men, Shag, Wob and Lob for women

Hairtrend approved by INCO!

The latest trend in men’s cuts comes from the United States and features fade, texture and choppy sections of hair. Long and short hair transition seamlessly into one another. Fusion is the keyword here.

For women, one of the hottest trends is the Shag cut, a layered choppy look with a fringe. In the Shag, volume is more accentuated at the front and sides, ensuring long or thin hair doesn’t look flat

Another top trend will be the Wavy Bob, also called the “wob“. The wob cut falls no lower than halfway down the neck and has soft, gentle waves long enough to be tucked behind the ear.

Last but not least, and particularly suited to those with naturally smooth, disciplined hair, the Lob is one of the chicest women’s cuts. Ideal for giving irresistible appeal and a tidy appearance, this cut is set to be a hit in the autumn season especially when paired with a centre parting.

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