For our physical and mental wellbeing.


How many bad moods are caused by suffering feet?

Both traditional and alternative “philosophies” of medicine will tell you that wellbeing begins at the feet. The reason is obvious: they support our weight for at least 16 waking hours (if not more) and are often forced into uncomfortable shoes or made to run marathons. During spring and summer, our feet can suffer from swelling or even pain as warmer temperatures dilate the veins. This is when we spend more time outdoors, often wearing very light shoes or high heels. All this can worsen the effects of other problems our feet often have, from minor issues such as calluses to more serious conditions. As summer ends and autumn arrives, it’s the perfect time to pamper our stressed-out feet. Because well-looked after feet are happier feet.

Give your feet the Prokura treatment!
3 essential products for an at-home PEDISPA treatment:
  • Foot scrub, with softening and nourishing apricot kernel and white clay rich in mineral and oligomineral salts for an energising, purifying action. Gently exfoliates by removing dead cells and softening hard and thick skin.
  • Foot bath rich in eudermic oils to soften and cleanse with an invigorating, purifying, refreshing and energising action.
  • Powerfully moisturising post-treatment lotion containing Bergamot, Citronella and Lavender essential oils and Orange and Coriander extracts for an antiseptic, healing and refreshing effect.

But the Prokura line does not end there…

We have many more products for specific foot issues and for hand care and hygiene!