HYDRARICH AQUA CREAM – Radiant skin all summer


What is the best way to have a radiant skin all summer long? Keep your water reservoir replenished.

Water is an element of primary importance for the whole organism including our skin. In summer our skin is exposed to the sun and high temperatures and tends to dehydrate much more than usual, looking dry and rough; it becomes less supple and can even show obvious signs of desquamation and cracking. As water is an essential element to guarantee a healthy and beautiful skin it needs to be moisturised correctly and to do this you need to follow a few useful rules,  like drinking a lot and adding foods to your daily diet that are rich in nutrients and that hydrate naturally.

A huge support is also given by dermatological research: Inco Cosmetici comes to the rescue by creating HYDRARICH AQUA CREAM, a “must have” cream that is super moisturising, not sticky and as smooth as water that you just can’t wait to put some on! In its formulation:

  • Baobab oil, smoothing, elasticizing, antioxidant and soothing;
  • Shea Butter, that hydrates and nourishes the skin protecting it from the sun’s rays and wind, preventing and attenuating wrinkles;
  • Aloe Glycolic Extract, White Clay and Q-10 Coenzyme;
  • A molecular film that restores the NMF (natural moisturising factor) with a high moisturising and regenerating effect, capable of making the skin pleasant to touch even in extreme conditions;
  • A plant derivative from the seeds of Ceratonia Siliqua (CAROB) which has the same properties as Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid but with the benefit of being 100% natural.

HYDRARICH AQUA CREAM a reservoir of water for the skin, protecting it from the formation of free radicals, suitable as antiage prevention for younger skins, making the skin instantly more supple and radiant!

And for a Super Moisturising Bath, ideal for your routine weekly or fortnightly beauty treatment enjoy the Regenerating HYDRA MASK. For an even softer, smoother and silkier skin!