Men’s Haircuts

The Top7 proposal, dedicated entirely to men

Men's Haircuts

Short, tapered with parting, smoothed back, medium long, long, curly. The password is flexibility. Man is no longer stereotyped and classified according to the cut of his hair – it’s his style that chooses his look, making him unique. So there’s who goes for the Barber Style, showing off long sideburns (normally one with a beard or goatee), or who prefers clipped tondeuse tapering highlighting different lengths on very short hair, and then there are those who opt for cuts where the lengths of the locks are pulled to be styled in different ways. And of course some prefer to let their hair grow. Medium long or long hair has been back in vogue since the beginning of the year and will be increasingly so, in line with the rock/punk influences that we see for the 2019 2020 autumn winter fashion; in actual fact the salt and pepper look makes a man look even better.

Free rein then to styling products such as pastes and sprays that give that wanted untidy effect but also gels and waxes to sculpt and create classic, rock and beard styles:

Control Fix: Fixative spray with Argan Oil and Essential Geranium Oil for an invisible hair fix, protecting it from the aggression of external agents.

Extreme Modelling Gel: 24h hold, just once over and hair is tidy all day long. Suitable for medium short hair for a style with a strong hold, resisting humidity and boasting a bright shine.

Dark Clay: California clay pomade, rich in minerals, for a ruffled, natural look and separation of the locks with a matte effect.

Redvolution wax: invisible effect for natural looks with a water-based wax suitable for various styling types. Leaves hair glossy and protected. Helps maintain correct moisturisation and offers a medium hold.

This is the Top7 proposal, dedicated entirely to men but you can also take a peek at Codice, the versatile styling and finishing line.