Peel-off body mask

Mask for professional use with detoxifying and moisturizing base enriched with active ingredients that promote slimming, mineralizing and elasticizing. An alginate easy to apply and remove. The mask can be used on its own, thanks to its high content of Laminaria Algae enriched with Guarana and Horsetail to remove impurities and mineralize the tissue, or in association with Vitesse Active Ingredients to boost its slimming, toning or draining action. Its plastic capacity creates a film that adheres perfectly to any part of the body.

Use: add 300 ml water to about 150 g alginate. Stir quickly and vigorously to obtain an even cream. Apply immediately. It will become gelatinous in just 6-8 minutes. Leave for at least 20 minutes and peel off starting at the edges.

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