The latest addition to the Top7 range

The undisputed King when it comes to taking care of your beard

The latest addition to the Top7 range

It is of utmost importance to take proper care of facial hair right from when the first whiskers appear but not everyone knows that the undisputed king in beard-care products (and which no “bearded man’s” arsenal should be without) is OIL.

It is for this very reason that Beard Oil – the latest product in Top7 for men line – is in the running to be the ideal ally of the best Barbers and their demanding clients.

This product has many functions: sanitising, nourishing, moisturising – looking after your beard with moisturising and soothing effects even on the skin beneath to avoid irritating itchiness and flakes (beard-druff) while simultaneously softening it to make styling easier for a tidier look or, if we prefer, a “tamed” look.

Constant use of Beard Oil not only helps maintain a healthy beard thanks to the Hemp oil, which  nourishes and restructures, to Jojoba oil with its marked moisturising properties and Vitamin E that carries out a precious antioxidant action, but it also keeps your beard looking good and smelling fresh. And seeing as your beard, like the rest of your face, is continuously exposed to the weather, rice bran oil has also been added as a natural UVA and UVB ray filter guaranteeing excellent protection and an antiage function.

Because looking after your facial hair means, first and foremost, using an excellent beard oil.