Three Hair spa treatments by Inco

Spring in your hair

Three Hair spa treatments by Inco

Inco’s Hair spa mission is to give your skin and hair a generous moment of luxurious well-being so simply put your trust in our expert hands and exclusive products.
To reinvigorate your hair before summer, our team offers 3 different antioxidant treatments.
Each treatment consists of a very enjoyable plunge into a world of relax and beauty. A veritable spa service, where the simple application of a product becomes not only a cuddle but a finalized technique, while the active ingredients communicate with your skin and hair to establish a profound interaction.


Purify your skin and hair in springtime to free it from all the glum winter days that brought about pollutants, weariness and hard water. Skin exfoliation that helps in eliminating dead cells and oxygenating your hair roots. Minerals and soothing active ingredients will enhance hair shine and elasticity because

“Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, just like a plant on fertile soil”.



Helping your hair to counteract the formation of free radicals makes it stronger, less prone to brittleness, softer and shinier. Rebuilding hair fiber brings back elasticity; no more dull or hollow hair but new thickness and vitality.

It gets your hair ready to better withstand summer stress.



Whether your hair is natural or color-treated, it’s harder to maintain its color the same as always during the most beautiful season when the sun shines most of the time.

Therefore, its structure must be strengthened and enriched with antioxidants, and protective film-forming effects must be created.

Our Hair spa treatments take great care of your hair by nourishing, fortifying and revitalizing it, purifying your skin and hair length. These tailor-made treatments are capable of involving all your senses, so simply request them in all Osmoluv salons and keep using them at home.